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Shared responsibility, accountability and collaboration

Leadership and Admin
Prep Classroom Teachers
1/2 Team
3/4 Team
5/6 Team
Enrichment Team
Wellbeing Professional Learning

Principal – Nelly Santos
Assistant Principal – Kylie Taylor
Administrative Team – Helen DiVigilio and Thao Nguyen


PrepE – Sarah Evans
PrepW – Leiana Watson
Prep ES Staff – Belinda Spowart, Diane Chrisohidis, Isabella Semec & Penni Godley

1/2B – Catherine Bui
1/2C – Charmaine Chircop
1/2D – David Cilia
1/2L – Mia Liu
1/2 ES Staff – Bronwyn Clark, Kaitlyn McGuire & Padmini Jakkampudi 

3/4D – Diana Ta & Julia Woods
3/4L – Violeta Larmer & Desi
3/4P – Kendal Preston
3/4 ES Staff – Bernadette Araya, Nadia Nesci & Nick Maisano

5/6C – Hattice Cilek
5/6L – Mitchell Leyton 
5/6P – Pascale Polyzos
5/6 ES Staff – Jenny Donald & Vittoria Premier

Garden Educator – Karen Murray
Kitchen Educator – Belinda Spowart
LOTE (Vietnamese) – Thu Cao
Performing Arts Teacher – Greta Bennett
Physical Education Teacher – Alannah Massaro
Visual Arts Teacher – Therese Garreffa
Library Technician – Penni Godley

Tutor Learning Initiative

Alannah Massaro & Marie Graham

Disability Inclusion & Mental Health in Primary Schools Leader – Kylie Taylor 

Counsellor – Dalena Do

Respectful Relationships Leader – Kylie McGuire

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Leader – Hattice Cilek

The first point of contact for parents is your child’s classroom teacher. If you would like to connect with the school’s leadership team for further support or advice, please contact the school directly