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Physical Education

Shared responsibility, accountability and collaboration

Students in Prep and to Grade 6 students will participate in Physical Education once a week.

The Physical Education Program will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable students to:

  •       Become physically active across their lifespan by participating in activities, sports and games that are learned with the purpose of enhancing and developing sports and life skills
  •       Acquire, apply and evaluate movement skills, concepts and strategies to respond confidently, competently and creatively in a variety of physical activity contexts and settings
  •       Engage in and enjoy regular movement-based learning experiences
  •   Have targeted lessons focusing on the students’ point of need and align with the current Victorian Curriculum
  •   Foster students’ awareness, understanding and passion for physical activity
  •   Improve, build and refine upon student’s knowledge on fundamental movement skills (P-4), as well as specialised movement skills (5/6)
  •   Allow for personal and social development of characteristics such as fairness, teamwork and growth mindset, along with increasing fitness, endurance and sports knowledge.


To support the Physical Education Program all students are to:

  •       Wear runners, have short nails and hair tied up
  •       Have a go at participating in the lessons
  •       Try their best
  •       Bring a labelled water bottle
  •       Respect their peers and all staff members
  •       Use sports equipment safely


All students will participate in our annual Sunshine North Primary School athletics day.

The Grade Six students partake in various interschool sports as a part of the Sporting Schools Victoria competition. 

The interschool sports learnt in class and played against other local schools are:

  •       Australian Rules Football
  •       Soccer
  •       T-Ball
  •       Netball
  •       Basketball
  •       Tennis
  •       Newcomb
  •       Cricket
  •       Cross Country
  •       Athletics