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LOTE – Vietnamese

Shared responsibility, accountability and collaboration

Students in Foundation level, Year 1-6 will study Vietnamese one hour per week.

The Languages program will:

  • Foster students’ awareness, understanding and appreciation of Vietnamese culture as well as their own.
  • Improve students’ knowledge about the cultural aspects of the country of origin and the target language including customs, history, geography, literature and the arts.
  • Give children an opportunity to access a language other than English.
  • Enhance students’ skills in cross-cultural communication.
  • Provide a developmental program in Listening& Speaking, Reading and Writing which endeavours to meet the child’s needs, interests and abilities.
  • Build students’ self-expression and sense of achievement by studying another language.
  • Broaden and enrich students’ knowledge of another culture.

Activities in Languages will be:                                  

  • Engaging in songs, stories and rhymes.
  • Role plays, dialogues.
  • Matching labels with pictures.
  • Watching cultural movies.
  • Art activities, origami, cards, word find, bingo and language games.
  • Using a variety of language educational software, iPad apps and languages websites.
  • Students work samples.
  • Incursions/excursions.

Through a variety of activities, the children will develop communication skills and an appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity.



Children need to bring their pencil case when attending Languages class.


Our motto is “Learn the behaviour first then learn the lesson”