At Sunshine North Primary School we support our vision by producing high quality education programs for our school community based on our school values of Excellence, Responsibility, Courtesy, Cooperation and Respect.

We have high expectations that all students can learn given time, support and resources. We want students to be intrinsic learners and develop attitudes and skills to be self-motivated, responsible, active and lifelong learners.

We instil in our students the belief that they can make a difference. We believe that students should have an active role in the determination of their learning. Students participate in the decision making processes with the school community.

Teachers will deliver a program based on explicit instruction which scaffolds learning for students. Lessons will have a specific class focus leading to whole class, mixed ability or like group activities followed by share time discussion. We have refined our philosophy and practices to ensure the effective monitoring and assessment of student learning directs and informs our teaching. Teachers are expected to be reflective on whole school and class data and base lessons accordingly.

At Sunshine North Primary School teaching teams are thoughtfully and carefully constructed to combine experiences, teaching styles, strengths and passion to ensure the delivery of a guaranteed rich and viable curriculum that effectively meet student needs.

We embrace contemporary educational practices and ensure our staff are provided with a variety of professional development opportunities, with a special emphasis on continuous educational journeys which leads to student improvement.

At Sunshine North the children have access to a wide ranging and challenging curriculum with a major focus on implementing AUSVELS.
Literacy: supported by excursion and visiting performer programs, as well as access to publishing trolleys and extensive range of just right take home books.
Numeracy: a wide variety of equipment is available to support the schools numeracy program.
Technology: every classroom has access to modern computers and children are introduced to these in their first year at school. We have a well equipped computer information centre Art/Drama/Music
Physical Education: we have a free standing hall/gymnasium and tennis court and well developed oval.
Inquiry Based Integrated Curriculum Units focus on history, geography, science & technology, interpersonal development, kitchen & garden, health & well being.
LOTE [language other than English]: Vietnamese is taught to all children
In addition to these we offer:
EAL (english as an additional language) for children who need extra assistance in the learning of English.
PMP: Offered to all 1st year children and aimed at developing the coordination and motor skills of young children.
Integration: To allow those children with disabilities to participate in mainstream schooling.
Speech Pathologist: a full time speech pathologist is available to support and assist children as part of our integration program.
Instrumental Music: senior children are given the opportunity to receive instruction in the playing of musical instruments.
Swimming: we currently run 1 program per year.
Camps: a sequential camping program has been developed beginning with tea at school for 1st year children to a 5 day camp in Grade 6.
Interschool Sport: summer and winter sports conducted with seven local primary schools for our year 5 and 6 students.
Reporting and Assessment: parents are encouraged to ring and arrange an interview at any time throughout the year if they are concerned about their child’s progress. Parent /teacher interviews early in term1. Written report with a mid year parent teacher interview. Written report in term 4 and a parent/teacher interview.