Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Sunshine North Primary School became a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School in 2007.

The Kitchen Garden Program has been developed by world renowned chef and writer, Stephanie Alexander. “Children aren’t interested in whether something is good for you or not good for you. They only care if it’s fun, exciting & tastes good: so that’s what we aim to do”. Stephanie Alexander. What our children say: … I like the way you can plant something and watch it grow every week. … I love the cooking, it’s so much fun. … Most of the food is mouthwatering – there’s only a few foods I don’t like, but I taste them anyway. …I discovered that you can have something that is good for you and it also tastes great. …I can make a whole meal for my family by myself.


Children from Grade 2-6 participate in fortnightly sessions in the Vegetable garden working in groups. The children are actively involved in creating and caring for the garden. Guided by our garden specialists, the children prepare the ground, plant seeds and seedlings, spread mulch, tie up plants, tidy, remove pests and watch the plants grow in preparation for the harvest when the produce is ripe and ready to be picked and cooked in the kitchen.

We have five chickens which are looked after by the children and the School’s Animal Club.




In the kitchen, the children have a 90 minute session each fortnight. They cook the fresh produce they have harvested. Working in groups with Volunteers, they prepare a part of the menu created by our Kitchen Specialist.



The Children sit at the tables with the teachers, Kitchen specialist and volunteers to share the delicious food.



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