School students are expected to traffic hazards on a daily basis, with traffic related accidents accounting for the majority of all serious injuries and deaths to school aged students. A well planned, comprehensive and effective ‘hands on’ traffic education program is, therefore, an essential component of our school’s integrated curriculum.

• To enable students to learn about their local traffic environment and to develop the physical skill, attitudes and behaviour patterns for safe use of roads, school buses and public transport systems.
• To raise the profile of traffic safety within the local school community.

• Traffic safety education professional development available for all staff.
• Whilst being a core component of the Health & Physical Education key learning area, traffic safety education will be integrated across the curriculum.
• Our traffic safety education program will comprise the following 3 essential elements:
1. Knowledge and understanding of roads, traffic. Transport and rules.
2. Development of the physical skills to manage traffic environment safety, whether as pedestrian, bike or scooter rider, motor vehicle passenger.
3. Development of behaviours, attitudes and decision-making abilities that enable students to successfully negotiate traffic in a safe and responsible manner.
• Complementary programs such as ‘Appropriate Decision Making’ and ‘Responding to Peer Pressure’ will support traffic safety education.
• Whilst traffic safety education will be integrated into all curriculum areas and at all year levels, Early Years students will be introduced to traffic safety education by formal lessons on how to use the school crossing, how to use the footpath, how to board buses and how to cross the roads. Year 5 and 6 will undertake the use public transports as a key practical learning focus.
• All students will undertake a bus safety program each year.
• Traffic safety education will be highlighted through the school newsletter, at assemblies, via guest speakers, and through school awards.
• Parents will be actively encouraged to become involved in the traffic education program and to reinforce positive traffic safety practices with students.

This policy will be reviewed as part of school’s three- year review cycle.

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