Head Lice Policy

• Head lice (prediculosis) are tiny insects that live on the human scalp where they feed and breed. Probably between 2-3% of primary school children are infested at any one time. While they do not carry or transmit disease, they are most common case of head itch and scratching which may lead to infection and swollen lymph glands; therefore, they need to be eradicated.

To respond t reports of head lice quickly and effectively.
• To ensure that an effective process for treating head lice is well known and consistently followed.
• To ensure that parents and guardians are well informed about head lice treatment.

Anyone can catch head lice.
• Head lice cannot fly, hop or jump. They spread from person to person by head to head contact, and by the sharing of personal items such as combs, brushes and head gear such as hats.
• While teacher and other staff members may believe that a child is infested with head lice, they are not permitted or qualified to search a child’s hair, inspect for head lice, or diagnose a case of head lice.
• Teacher or staff members suspecting that a child has head lice, are to report to their concerns to the Assistant Principal/Principal who will inspect the child, if suspicion confirmed the principal will ensure that the parents of any infested child are contacted as soon as possible and informed that their child is to be excluded from attending school in accordance with the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulation 1990 until the children have been treated.
• The school will send home annually the Head Lice Permission Proforma in both English and Vietnamese.
• The school will organise Health Professionals to visit the school twice yearly to examine all children who have returned the signed Parent Permission Proforma.
• The principal will also provide parents of infested children with information about head lice treatment and prevention.
• Upon return to school, each excluded child will be required to provide to the principal either a report from a medical officer indicating that no live lice are present, an empty head lice lotion carton indicating that lotion has been purchased and used.
• The principal will ensure that information relating to prevention and eradication of head lice appears throughout the year in the school newsletter, particularly at tie of heavy outbreaks.

This policy will be reviewed as part of school’s three year review cycle.

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