School Uniform Survey

A survey of parents was conducted in November 1994. The results indicate that the vast majority of parents (nearly 70%) supported the introduction of compulsory school uniform at Sunshine North Primary School. Over 175 families responded to the survey with a clear majority of parents happy with the present style and colours of the uniform.

b. At its November Council meeting the following 4 motions were passed unanimously
1. That school uniform for prep to Grade 5 be compulsory from beginning of 1995, with a transition of 12 months for Grade 6 students.
2. Present style and colours remain i.e. green and gold.
3. Principal/School Council President develop draft policy for presentation to December Council.
4. Parents & Friends be asked to send home information about school uniform including price list and order form.
The wearing of school uniform,
* Promotes a sense of belonging to the school
* develops pride and school image
* is readily identifiable on all school excursions and sporting activities
* represents value for money
* eliminates peer pressure on children when selecting what to wear each day
* is comfortable and suitable for all school activities.

1. All students will be required to wear the prescribed school uniform of Sunshine North Primary School as set out by the Parents & Friends Association.
2. Footwear – shoes, scandals and runners may worn .
Note: the wearing of thongs, heeled, backless or toeless shoe is not permitted.
3. Hats – Are highly recommended especially during Term 1 and 4 considering our School SunSmart Policy.
4. Logo – Iron on logos may be purchased through the school
5. Purchase of uniform – Items of school uniform may be made or purchased from
* the school uniform supplier
* local stores
* the second hand uniform sales
6. Staff and parents have an important role to play in promoting the wearing of school uniform.
7. Parents should advise the class teacher in writing, indicating the reasons and likely duration on such occasions when their children are unable to wear school uniform.
8. Failure to provide written explanation will result in:
1st occasion – class teacher to record the occurrence and reason
2nd consecutive occasion – class teacher records occurrence and reason and forwards reports to Assistant Principal/ Principal. Where there are continual breaches parent will be contacted to seek their support in ensuring that policy in adhered to.
9. The disciplinary measure available to the Principal under Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in relation to enforcing School Uniform Policy is to require students to undertake additional work at lunchtime or after school. This measure will only be used as a last resort.
1. Parents may make a written application to the Principal requesting that a student be exempted from wearing school uniform. Possible grounds for exemption include health or religious reasons.
2. All requests for exemption will be discussed at the next available School Council meeting and the parents will be informed of the outcome.

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